HR Process Advisory Services
Every organization has its own processes and systems, perhaps the best in their own right. In their preoccupation with their core business, clients tend to miss out reviewing and making changes to the HR processes as required by the changing times. Our team of HR experts quickly study & understand such changes needed. They then suggest modifications and ensure successful implementation of the same. The important and time-tested methods used to achieve this are:

  • Conducting informal employee satisfaction studies and analysis.
  • Carrying out structured customer satisfaction studies and analysis.
  • Measuring the extent of achievement of corporate objectives.
  • Breaking up corporate objectives into functional assignments.
  • Setting up task teams to handle the functional assignments.
  • Assessing and adjusting the performance of the task teams.

These assignments are very sensitive, and we need to gain the confidence of the staff at different levels, customers and the top management. We have experts who carefully handle these delicate issues.