HR System Review Services

Our team can study, review and make suggestions for introducing or modifying some of the important HR systems of the organization such as:

1. Organization Structure
  • Review of organization structure at the corporate, divisional/ departmental levels.
  • Evaluation of staffing requirements and assistance in manpower planning.
  • Documentation of job descriptions and delegation of authorities & powers.
  • Assistance in change management.
2. Human Resource Development
  • Review of Human Resources policies & procedures.
  • Review of performance appraisal & reward system.
  • Job evaluation and grading.
  • Identifying training needs and suggesting training methods.
  • 3. Compensation Studies
    • Comparative study of remuneration including perquisites in various industries.
    • Advise on structuring an optimal compensation package.
    • Advise on structuring pay packages for expatriate employees.